\n SELECT cg.id, DATE(date_start) AS date, SUBSTR(TIME(date_start), 1, 5) AS time, (date_end > 0) AS finished, team_1_id, team_2_id, track_id, COALESCE(SUM(team_1_result), 0) AS team_1_sum, COALESCE(SUM(team_2_result), 0) AS team_2_sum, cg.info FROM contests_games cg\n LEFT JOIN contests_games_results cgr ON cgr.game_id = cg.id\n WHERE contest_id = 8\n AND (round_id > 0 OR round_id IS NULL)\n AND (team_1_id = 21 OR team_2_id = 21)\n GROUP BY cg.id\n ORDER BY date_start ASC, track_id ASC\n
Got error 28 from storage engine